Re: Expandable text entry widget

On Sep 5, 2006, at 5:15 PM, karderio wrote:

For those of you who are thinking that they have seen this behaviour
before, I admit shamelessly having pinched the idea from Google talk
after seeing a friend happily chatting away with this application the
other day.

This is also how Apple's iChat window behaves, as well as the To: field in the Mail composer (but not the Subject line), and other (normally) one-line text entry fields. Rather than scrolling when the text fills the width of a single line, the entry widget grows another line (downward) and the text breaks. In iChat, after you hit Return to send the message, the entry shrinks back to its original height.

I believe you could achieve this behavior by using a GtkTextView instead of a GtkEntry for that one-line entry. You will have to hook some app-specific logic to the sizing behavior (e.g. fix the width so it grows only down, adjust that width when the user resizes the toplevel window, extra magic to shrink on clear (that's not TextView's default), etc).

Based on what i've seen in Mac OS X, i haven't quite figured out whether this is library behavior in Cocoa or something that these applications have done for themselves. Maybe someone who knows Cocoa (or GnuStep) can illuminate. This may help the maintainers decide whether this functionality belongs in gtk+ itself or in your app.

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