Re: Expandable text entry widget

karderio wrote:
So, here's the suggestion : on a one line text entry, instead of cutting
the text, with no easily detectable way for the user to tell how to
scroll it, automatically make the text entry one line higher and show
all the text.

   its called a GtkTextView, normally its placed inside a scrolled window
so you don't get to notice its magical resizing super-powers :)

On a similar note - the GtkEntry widget seems to have the startling capacity
to assume the proper height for text... would it be very difficult to say
that an entry or a textview is "n" lines high ? (I want a 3 line high editable
textview regardless of the font size)... maybe I'm missing something that
already exists - via some obscure pango layout codepath or something...
asides from that - I'll stop trailing off topic on gtk-devel ;-p


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