Re: Invert characters' rendering when text cursor is fat

On 9/4/06, Masatake YAMATO <jet gyve org> wrote:
Could you give me a mail if you read this message?
Also please, give me hints for the reason why I cannot get any ack
from gtk+ developers.

(disclaimer: I'm not a GTK developer)

Your bugzilla entry is very general. If you submit this as a bug to a
specific component (maybe textview?) it might get more attention,
since textview has a particular developer watching it.

Also, changing the aspect ratio is not enough to get a block cursor.
You'll find the positioning is wrong, since a true block cursor (like
the one in "terminal") needs to be shifted to the right (or maybe the
left in L to R scripts). And the width should change to match either
the current character, or perhaps the space character at the end of
line or end of file. Finally, I'm not certain XORing will be enough to
always render an inverted character correctly. It would probably be
better to redraw the character with the foreground / background
colours swapped.

(Incidentally, xor-ing a block cursor is patented, though perhaps the
patent has lapsed now, I've not checked)

Finally, there is a bug there for a block cursor with a patch:

It seems to have become blocked on some architectural issues. I don't
know if it inverts.

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