CCC: cairo based canvas 0.0.3

What is libccc?
Libccc is a canvas library designed to be easy to use and yet provide
many useful features to application developers.

      * API is similar to Gnome Canvas (but avoids several API bugs from
        Gnome Canvas)
      * Model/View based interface
      * Easily extensible (you only need to derive from one class)
      * Available for C and Python

libccc 0.0.3
 * improve applications performance by limiting redraws to ~33 FPS
 * added python bindings from Yves Combe
 * improve the redraw behavior of the circle item
 * fix drawing of multiple paths in sequence
 * CcText derives from CcShape to inherit fill and border properties
 * Added a skeleton to become a canvas editor
 * Fixed the license headers to always mention LGPL
 * Improved view (un)registration (CcItem)
 * Fixed Cursor Position (CcText)
 * Added image rendering (CcPixbuf)
 * Lines disappear correctly (CcLine)
 * Fixed a Segmentation fault in the demo application
   (patch by "Mardy", closes bug 335803)
 * Don't round widths smaller than 1.0 to avoid disappearing of thin



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