Re: GTK+ Application class

Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> rather than GtkApplication/GtkUniqueApplication, I guess it would make
> more sense to have a "unique" property on the GtkApplication class.

I actually had the very same impression :)

in fact, if we want to make it easier for the user to create windows
with toolbars and menus, why don't we add convenience functions to
GtkWindow and leave GtkApplication as an 'application management class',
to deal with initialization, list of windows, list of open documents,
access to session management and any other desktop operations, etc, etc?

That could be a route to explore - I think its really important to
keep GtkWindow really simple in that respect though - it could be
a dialog - it could be a popup window, a popup menu - or even a tooltip,
So I would suggest that if we bind such logic into GtkWindow - making
it some kind of hybrid composite widget - we should definitly do
that in a GtkAppWindow subclass (that could be then used by the
GtkApplication in question).


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