gtk rel: 2.10.6 : configure ERROR

 Hello all:
 Im trying to configure my gtk-dfb lib
(gtk+2.10.6)with directFB and without X frontend but
when I use  
 this options: 
 sh configure --prefix=$PREFIX --enable-static
--with-gdk-target=directfb --disable-debug
--with-libpng --with-libjpeg --with-libtiff

 I get this error message:

  checking for X... disabled
  configure: error: X development libraries not found

 However, I did apt-get install libxt-dev to try to
solve this problem, I see in /usr/X11R6/include/X11/.
 for intrinsic.h and other headers files,
but I couldnt get out the problem in this way...

 Why configure show me that I need Xlibs if I use
--without-x ? is It a bug ? 
 How could solve it ? 
 Thanks all


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