Re: Input Method

On Thu, 2006-10-19 at 14:39 +0800, wulfgang wrote:
> Hi,
> The GtkEditables such as GtkEntry and GtkTextView provide an entry
> point for Input Method in the key_press_event default handler. 
> But key_press_event are processed by user defined callbacks
> (g_signal_connect relates the event with the callback) before the
> defaul handler. If the callback returns TRUE, key_press_event will
> stop being propagated, meaning Input Method will not receive this
> event for handling. 
> Is there a way to prioritize Input Method's receiving of
> key_press_event over the user callback?

Use g_signal_connect_after() rather than g_signal_connect() to connect
your callback.

						- Owen

(This really would be better off on a different list; it's basically
an application programmin question.)

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