Re: GdkPixbuf and Xrender scales

On Wed, 2006-10-18 at 15:48 -0200, Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Di�es
> Hi,
> GdkPixbuf will start to use cairo/xrender or other library to do it's
> scale operations? If the answear is no, what are the reasons, since use
> cairo will enable hardware accelarating when glitz be finished.

You wouldn't want to scale a single pixbuf like that.  It would probably
be slower, not faster, after you upload the pixel data into a texture
and then do a readback of the buffer.

If you upload the pixel data and apply it as a texture to a surface and
scale that surface many times without doing any readbacks, that would be
fast.  But that's a different situation from doing a general-purpose
scale of a pixbuf.

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