Re: To which package does "glade-catalog.dtd" belong ?

Philippe Bertin wrote:
Hello all,

Sorry to crosspost, but I think this topic can belong to any of the 3 newslists. If this is not good with you, please indicate me which list is most appropriate, please (please do not flame me).

/me pulls out torch...

glade-devel lists ximian com would be a good list ;-)

While reading I see it is possible to validate any catalog file against a glade DTD (excerpt : "xmllint --dtdvalid glade-catalog.dtd --noout my-catalog.xml"). However, I have not found this file called "glade-catalog.dtd".

Yes this is a packaging problem (not sure if its in bugzilla yet), the
file can however be found in the glade3 repository at

(yes its currently missing from the built tarballs :-/)

The catalog dtd is... err... not very maintained and I'm not sure
how much good it will do you either.

Feel free to ask for help with your catalog on the glade-devel list.


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