Re: [gtk-devel-list] Direct/Modules: Could not open module directory '~/lib/directfb-0.9.25/systems'!


On Thu, 12 Oct 2006 11:21:20 +0530
"rafeeqh shaik" <shaik rafeeqh gmail com> wrote:
># arm-linux-dfbinfo
>       ----------------------  DirectFB v0.9.25 ---------------------
>             (c) 2000-2002  convergence integrated media GmbH
>             (c) 2002-2004  convergence GmbH
>        -----------------------------------------------------------
>(*) DirectFB/Core: Single Application Core. (2006-10-11 14:57)
>(!) Direct/Modules: Could not open module directory `gtkArm//lib/direc
>    --> No such file or directory
>(!) DirectFB/core/system: No system found!
>(#) DirectFBError [DirectFBCreate() failed]: No (suitable) implementation

Is this related with GTK?
It looks like DirectFB and cross-building issue.

>I have copied libdirect* files to /gtkArm/lib, and also copied
> also.
> I have copied to /gtkArm/lib/directfb-0.9.25/systems
>can any one plz let me know the reason and solution.

Log all systemcalls by strace aslike:
	$ strace -o arm-linux-dfbinfo.log -f arm-linux-dfbinfo
And seach which pathname DirectFB searches for directfb-0.9.25/systems,
from logged file arm-linux-dfbinfo.log.


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