Gtk+ unit tests suite


as part of the build-brigade ( I have
been working a bit on developing a set of unit tests for Gtk+ using
Check (

I have set up a temporary modified version of Gtk+ here:

cvs -d :pserver:anonymous cvs igalia com:/var/publiccvs co gtk+

Currently, this modified version includes a small set of unit tests for
several widgets that would grow in ammount if the project seems
interesting to the Gtk+ community.

You can also check a buildbot running continuous integration of this
modified GTK+ and its dependencies here (thanks to dape, another member
of the build-brigade):

and here you can check the results of the tests for one build (#18):

You can even check the code coverage statistics obtained from the latest
tests execution (nice to know what code your tests are actually

If you look at the tests logs you will find that a few of them are
failing. I have filed appropriate bugs in bugzilla about them and other
documentation issues that I found while developing these tests:

I would like to know your opinion about this project (the tests),
specially if you think it is interesting enough to be (now or in the
future) inside the official GTK+ repository.

In case you think it is interesting, I would like to know if you have
any recomendations or suggestions about whatever you think might improve
it. Any feedback would be very appreciated.

For those of you that want to play a bit with the tests, just follow
these steps:

# cvs -d :pserver:anonymous cvs igalia com:/var/publiccvs co gtk+
# cd gtk+
# ./
# make

now, if you just want to run my tests:

# cd ut
# make check 2> /dev/null

Otherwise, if you want to run my unit tests and all the other tests that
are already in the GTK+ repository, you can run "make check" from the
root directory instead.


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