Re: [Xcb] GTK-XCB is in progress(Profiling gtk-xcb vs gtk-x11)

On Wed, Nov 08, 2006 at 09:47:25AM +0000, Ross Burton wrote:
> XNextRequest in libX11 is a pointer dereference and an increment, where
> your XCBNextRequest is a round-trip.

I've mentioned in a previous mail, but just to be clear: No, it isn't a
round-trip. While this XCBNextRequest macro is hackish, it's not
completely awful.

> There must be a better way than this.

That, I'll readily agree with. :-)

> I see that the XLib/Xcb layer has a xcb_get_request_sent() function that
> returns the latest sequence number sent.   Can this, or something
> similar, be used instead?

That does only slightly less work than xcb_no_operation, and is in the
portion of XCB's API that I desperately hope nobody will use besides
Xlib itself. It is, admittedly, public, but if some piece of
functionality can be achieved no other way than by using
xcb_get_request_sent, then let's please talk about why.


p.s. Just in case someone wants to lecture me on providing public API
and then asking people not to use it: Yes, I know the history of
Xlibint.h; we have carefully designed xcbxlib.h to have as little API as
we could get away with in order to make Xlib work. If people use these
three functions it at least won't be a complete disaster.

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