Re: Question about GDK-Directfb backend support in the GTK Project

GTKDFB is used by the debian-installer team for our graohical installer, so we'll keep on supporting it. ATM HEAD from CVS compiles fine, and debian archives in experimental contain binaries of GTKDFB 2.10.6 (compiled against DFB 0.9.25).



Luis Ariel Lecca wrote:
Hello Raju S N, BugZilla is the site that you need check to get the answer... Please see on:
Cheers, Luis --- Raju S N <rajusn huawei com> escribió:

Hi all,
I want to know whether GDK-Directfb backend support
still continues in the
GTK Project (or) the support is broken.
I thought this is an appropriate list to ask this
question. If not, please
suggest me which mailing list can clarify this.

gtk-devel-list mailing list
gtk-devel-list gnome org

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gtk-devel-list mailing list
gtk-devel-list gnome org

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