Non-standard mouse buttons


I have been looking at making proper use of mice with extra buttons,
like back/forward buttons, or scrolling buttons. Gtk current isn't well
equipped to deal with them. I propose doing the follow two things:

1. Modify the button press handler in all widgets to return FALSE for
the buttons it ignores. (I've already done it for some widgets)

2. Modify GtkBinding to also handle mouse buttons. And add that as the
handler for GtkWindow. (I already have some hackish code that does

3. We can then have a central GUI to configure the meaning of buttons.
It would also be nice to modifying gnome-settings-daemon and
metacity/other-WM be able to react to those other mouse buttons (so I
could use those extra buttons to bring up exposé-like features of beryl
or just start a terminal). Once step 2 is done, that part should be
relatively easy.

So what do you think?

Olivier Crête
tester tester ca

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