plotting radar data

I am trying to plot radar data using gtk+. I have started from scratch and
this is my first attempt at gtk+. My problem is:
I am using the following code to plot the target on the window. 

gdk_color_alloc(gdk_colormap_get_system(), &color);
gdk_draw_arc(pix, gc,true,p->x,p->y,4,4,0,360*64);

But I would like to place an object instead of the point(target) so that the
object moves when I change the x and y position of the object. Right now the
previous point remains on the screen even after I plot a new point on the
screen. Basically I would like to move the point around the screen so that
only one point is visible at a time. If someone could send me a code for
creation of objects or icons which can be moved around the screen unlike a
point which is retained on the screen. Another problem with the point is
that once I minimize the screen the point is rubbed off. Can anyone tell me
how to create objects at run time and move them on the screen? My email id
is strafer58 yahoo com au  

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