Re: GtkBuilder status

>>> Over the last couple of weeks Henrique Romano and I have been working on
>>> GtkBuilder, a UI constructor intended for inclusion in GTK+.
>>> I'd like to discuss the API and some of the decisions before making the
>>> code available for public review.
>> I went ahead and attached the patch to
> Why remove custom properties? They are still needed by applications,
> since an application
> can't extend parser nor can it override existing Bulidable interface (i
> guess it is possible, but
> in the same way as it's possible to add/override properties in existin
> class).

Applications should probably not alter interfaces on types owned by gtk,
however it is possible to reimplement the interface for any custom types.

Custom properties is really a hack, I'm not saying they aren't useful,
just that I'd like to avoid supporting them if possible.
You could convince me by providing a couple of good use cases where
using custom properties is appropriate.


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