newbie and ask show window

hi all
i'm newbie in gtk+. i was create simple programme for testing "gtk_widget_show()" function.
my program has tow windows
first window i put button for call second window, i develop GUI with Glade and anjuta for code.
my code are
void on_openbtn_clicked (GtkButton  *button,gpointer user_data)
     GtkWidget * window2;

and it's working. but if i press button again  a new window (window2) will be create.
i want just one window created if i press again button.
ask:  how i change the programme for show window for only one show?
for   illustrated:
i use gedit and i click preferences (menu edit->preperences) just one window showed  and if i click again did not show again new window.  sorry for my english :)



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