Re: GTK+ 2.9.0 released

On Tuesday 09 May 2006 09:28, Emmanuel Briot wrote:
> We are really falling far behing the current versions of gtk+.
> Should I put on my list to start updating GtkAda ? I believe we are using
> recent versions of gtk+ on all machines now, anyway (maybe not 2.9.0 yet,
> but close enough).
> In particular, all the GtkCellRender* widgets could be useful for GPS.
> The GtkNotebook change will also please Florian.

Sorry for the noise, this was intended for the GtkAda developpers in fact. 
This binding is used quite a lot, but since we needed portability on Windows 
and Unix versions like AIX, HP-UX,... we had stopped upgrading some time ago. 
I think we are now able to build the more recent versions of gtk+ on these 
systems as well, which by the way I congratulate the gtk+ developers for!


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