I have 2 tree views.
TreeView1: is an editable GtkTreeStore that allows the user to change the
TreeView2: is a display that shows data being sent over a network

The problem is that when during updating TreeView1, if more data comes in, I
have to update the screen to keep the most recent data in there, but at the
same time, I lose scope of the cursor, when data input isn't complete, and
hence have to click on TreeView1 again to get to the correct entry point.
This is really irritating.
I've followed the GtkTree Tutorial at: but
haven't found much about the scoping of the cursor and hence solving the

So my questions are:

1. is it possible for the cursor not to move during an update for TreeView2
while the update also happens?
If not how do i make sure that the cursor returns to the correct TreeView
after an update?

Any help on this would be greatly appriciated.
Thank you
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