GLib 2.11.0 released

GLib 2.11.0 is now available for download at

glib-2.11.0.tar.bz2     md5sum: 5cbfb9d8279d7bf26d13b3ca52c9a570  
glib-2.11.0.tar.gz      md5sum: dde8c488e4be67490a021f3e450a59ea

This is the first development release leading up to GLib 2.12.


 * This is unstable development release. While it has had
   a bit of testing, there are certainly plenty of bugs
   remaining to be found. This release should not be used
   in production.

 * Installing this version will overwrite your  existing
   copy of GLib 2.10. If you have problems, you'll need
   to reinstall GLib 2.10.1.

 * GLib 2.12 will be source and binary compatible with
   the GLib 2.10 series; however, the new API additions
   in GLib 2.11.0 are not yet finalized, so there may
   be incompatibilities between this release and the final
   2.12 release.

 * Remaining issues for GLib-2.8 can be found with the
   following bugzilla query: 
 * Bugs should be reported to

About GLib

GLib is the low-level core library that forms the basis for projects
such as GTK+ and GNOME. It provides data structure handling for C,
portability wrappers, and interfaces for such runtime functionality as
an event loop, threads, dynamic loading, and an object system.

More information about GLib is available at:

An installation guide for the GTK+ libraries, including GLib, can
be found at:

Overview of Changes from GLib 2.10.x to GLib 2.11.0

* GBookmarkFile: a parser for files containing bookmarks
  stored using the Desktop Bookmark specification.

* Base64 encoding support
* Unicode 5.0 support

* GOption supports floating point numbers 

* GKeyFile supports floating point numbers

* Bug fixes:
 155884 gatomic.c should be based on new SDK
 157877 update-desktop-database doesn't handle duplicate entries
 164719 keyfile parser doesn't support floats
 327662 Import BookmarkFile from libegg
 329789 option-test.c type confusion
 332841 Segmentation Fault when %llu is passed to vasnprintf and 
        HAVE_SNPRINTF is not defined
 333879 gthread/gthread-win32.c: IsDebuggerPresent needs '#define 
        _WIN32_WINDOWS 0x0401'
 333916 g_timer_elapsed docs should mention that microseconds 
        may be NULL
 334440 dlerror() portability issue causes crash on (old) a.out 
        NetBSD platform
 334646 goption + error out params
 334799 g_remove() must check return value of remove()
 334943 make check FAIL: threadpool-test
 335215 Some breakages with GThreadPool
 336085 g_option_context_new parameter lacks better explanation
 336677 Documentation for g_object_ref_sink() is incorrect
 337027 gbookmarkfile.c: sys/time.h include error
 337553 Wrong escaping of URIs
 338572 Dereferencing NULL value in g_key_file_get_group_comment
 338845 g_completion_complete_utf8 crashes when NULL is passed to it
 339337 g_bookmark_file_set_description
 339338 gbookmarkfile.c, function expand_exec_line
 339340 gbookmarkfile.c, function bookmark_app_info_dump

* Translation updates (bg,en_GB,et,gl,gu,he,hi,ka,nl,nn,

Thanks to all the people who contributed to this release:

Alexander Larsson, Alexander Shopov, Ankit Patel, Antoine Dopffer,
�mund Skj�land, Baris Cicek, Bastien Nocera, Behdad Esfahbod,
Christian Neumair, Christian Persch, Christophe Fergeau, Chris
Wilson, Claudio Saavedra, Clytie Siddall, Coverity, David Lodge,
Dom Lachowicz, Emmanuele Bassi, Guilherme de S. Pastore, Ignacio
Casal Quinteiro, Kazuki Iwamoto, Martyn Russell, Maurizio Monge,
Michael McDonald, Morten Welinder, Mugurel Tudor, Pascal Terjan,
Priit Laes, Rajesh Ranjan, Richard Laager, Sebastien Bacher,
Subhransu Behera, Tim Janik, Tor Lillqvist, Vincent van Adrighem,
Vladimer Sichinava, Yair Hershkovitz, Yasufumi Itoh, Yevgen Muntyan

Matthias Clasen
May 2, 2006

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