How to implement OpenVMS specific keymaps?

When running the demo programs for GTK+ I notice that it is using the default Motif bindings.

The most noticeable is that the DELETE key on the OpenVMS Keyboard is being interpreted as delete forward instead of delete backwards, and I have not yet found the key sequence to delete backwards.

I would rather not have to keep or require a custom resource file for these key bindings on GTK+ applications implemented to OpenVMS, so I am looking for advice on how to modify GTK+ to support this.

These are the key bindings that OpenVMS users are used to seeing.

 osfCancel	:		<Key>F11	\n\
 osfLeft	:		<Key>Left	\n\
 osfUp		:		<Key>Up		\n\
 osfRight	:		<Key>Right	\n\
 osfDown	:		<Key>Down	\n\
 osfEndLine	:Alt		<Key>Right	\n\
 osfBeginLine	:Alt		<Key>Left	\n\
 osfPageUp	:		<Key>Prior	\n\
 osfPageDown	:		<Key>Next	\n\
 osfDelete	:Shift		<Key>Delete	\n\
 osfUndo	:Alt		<Key>Delete	\n\
 osfBackSpace	:		<Key>Delete	\n\
 osfAddMode	:Shift		<Key>F8		\n\
 osfHelp	:		<Key>Help	\n\
 osfMenu	:		<Key>F4		\n\
 osfMenuBar	:		<Key>F10	\n\
 osfSelect	:		<Key>Select	\n\
 osfActivate	:		<Key>KP_Enter	\n\
 osfCopy	:Shift		<Key>DRemove	\n\
 osfCut		:		<Key>DRemove	\n\
 osfPaste	:		<Key>Insert

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