Re: review of Filechooser dialog documentation

On 3/17/06, Joachim Noreiko <jnoreiko yahoo com> wrote:
> Now 2.14 has been released, I wonder whether anyone on
> the GTK team could review the documentation I wrote
> for the Open and Save dialogs.
> It's in the GNOME Desktop User Guide, under Desktop
> Overview/Applications: 2.5.3. Choosing a File to
> Open and 2.5.4. Saving a File.
> It was requested these be covered in the guide, as
> they have many features that are not widely known.
> Please could you take a look, and let me know if
> there's any features I have missed, or if I've made
> any mistakes.

Here are some comments from looking through it quickly:

- Don't know if you want to discriminate the OPEN and SELECT_FOLDER
  modes of the file chooser. Its probably worth mentioning the differences
  somewhere: SELECT_FOLDER shows files unselectable in the file list,
  and has a "Create Folder" button.

- "current location" means the pathbar ? It would perhaps be helpful to
  add a screenshot of the file chooser with some labels to explain the

- You should probably explain the scrolling feature of the pathbar

- You don't mention remote files at all. Maybe this is an advanced topic,
  but bookmarks can point to remote locations, and when opening them,
  you may get a gnome-vfs authentication dialog. Also, the C-L location
  entry allows you to enter urls pointing to remote locations.

- Bookmarks can also be added/removed by DND

- It might be worthwhile to explain that the "Open" button is "smart". It
  tries to do the right thing, depending on your previous action.

- You don't mention the "Replace" dialog that you may get when selecting
  and exisiting file in the save dialog.


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