Re: The printing work has been merged

On Fri, 2006-03-24 at 23:03 -0600, Yevgen Muntyan wrote:
> Hey,
> I have couple of questions about printing.
> First, how is all the printing stuff supposed to be used? Namely,
> how settings are going to be managed, what settings should be
> handled globally by gtk, and what should be handled by application?
> Is it going to be like in windows, where you use Page Setup to
> change settings in the given application, and click Printer Properties (?)
> button to get dialog to modify global settings? In other words,
> what do I do to get GtkPrintOperation object which is fully set
> up according to user preference?

You can get the settings after the user has printed so that you can
store it, per-app or per-document for later use. The default settings
are stored in cups, and are configured by the system printer settings
(i.e. cups, or your distro-specific config app).

> Next, how to add your own settings? Say, gedit has its own
> home-made Page Setup dialog for header/footer, but now
> there is stock dialog? Will GtkPageSetupUnixDialog be extensible,
> and will windows dialog be exposed to allow customization?

We're researching the posibility to add tabs with gtk+ widgets in the
native dialogs of windows and osx. If this is possible we should be able
to add an app-specific tab. 

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