Re: Bug compiling GTK+ 2.8.15?

On Tue, 14 Mar 2006 23:30:04 -0500
Samuel <sciyoshi gmail com> wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> I was trying to compile gtk+ 2.8.15 according to the instructions at
> It
> worked up to a certain point in the compilation of gtk, but it
> complained about a missing file in /opt/lib/pango. I had done all of
> the configures for glib, pango, and atk as --prefix=/opt/gtk, so I
> don't know why it was looking in /opt. I added a symbolic link
> from /opt/lib to /opt/gtk/lib and it worked a little further... am I
> doing something wrong? Anyways, after adding the link, it goes even
> further but complains about 'undefined reference to
> `g_object_compat_control''. Any ideas? Thanks for any help :-).

This error is most likely caused by libtool (a big flaw in the way
libtool works if you ask me). This happens if you install library A
(glib in this case) and then link library B against it, then install a
new version of library A in a different location. The la-file(s) of
library B has the path to the old version of library A hardcoded.
The problem you describe happens then you link something against both A
and B (and the newer version of A is needed) since the la-file(s) of
library B forces linking to the old version of library A.

If this is the source of your problem, the solution is to fix the
la-files. Personally I just delete every la-file since the are not
really needed for linking (at least not on any platform I use). But
that might be a bit to drastic. Try looking up all la-files of all
libraries that GTK depends on and remove references to old libraries
you don't want to link against.

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