Re: Bug compiling GTK+ 2.8.15?

В Втр, 14/03/2006 в 23:30 -0500, Samuel пишет:
> Hi everybody,
> I was trying to compile gtk+ 2.8.15 according to the instructions at
> It
> worked up to a certain point in the compilation of gtk, but it
> complained about a missing file in /opt/lib/pango. I had done all of
> the configures for glib, pango, and atk as --prefix=/opt/gtk, so I
> don't know why it was looking in /opt. I added a symbolic link
> from /opt/lib to /opt/gtk/lib and it worked a little further... am I
> doing something wrong? Anyways, after adding the link, it goes even
> further but complains about 'undefined reference to
> `g_object_compat_control''. Any ideas? Thanks for any help :-).
> Yoshi Cormier 

Hi Youshi

First of all, it's a wrong list for such questions I suspect. This list
is about development of gtk itself and the reason of you trouble lies in
incorrect setup most probably. Please use gtk-app-devel-list next time.

About compilation, it will help a lot if you'll attach log and the exact
message build system warns you about error. I suspect the first trouble
was with missing file in /opt/lib/pango and that is the message you
should be talking about, we need to see that message in order to
understand the problem. Further changes like symlinking won't make
situation clear.

There are two important environment variables that are used during build
PKG_CONFIG_PATH, where pkgconfig searches for pc files and
LD_LIBRARY_PATH where loader searches for already build libraries. You
probably forgot about them or set them to wrong value.

And, it's may have sense for you to use automatic build system like
Garnome which will do all build tasks.

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