Character Table

I was wondering if someone could help me figure out how to display characters
in a label widget.  I was trying to build a character table to add symbols
and other characters to a document in a program I was building.  I have
spent quite a few hours to no avail.   Basically, I have a table that I want
to add buttons with labels displaying a character, so the user can choose
the character that they wish to use.  I have been able to generate the
characters, but the g_utf8_validate function recognizes most of them as
invalid(except the ASCII charaters).  I figure that I am screwing up the
encoding somehow.  I am new to c and I would appreciate any help.

Here is the code:
	int n, r, c;
	for(n=32; n<1000; n++)
		static gchar buf[8];
		g_sprintf(buf, "%c", n);
		printf("string:%s", buf);

 		gchar *end;
		if(g_utf8_validate (buf,  -1, &end))
			g_print(" added\n");
			if (strcmp(buf, ""))
 				GtkWidget *btnChar;
 				btnChar = gtk_button_new_with_label (buf);

 				gtk_table_attach_defaults   (tableSymbol,
				c += 1;
				if (c > 10)
					c = 0;
					r += 1;
			g_print(" invalid\n");
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