RE: Failed building GTK with the DFB backend

Hello Attilio,

Thanks for the quick update. However, the problem goes away when we added
the following:

gdk_screen_is_composited (GdkScreen *screen)
  g_return_val_if_fail (GDK_IS_SCREEN (screen), NULL);
  return FALSE;

is added to gdkscreen-directfb.c (from ).

We will definitely try building gtk+2.9.4 and will get back in case there
are any issues.

One more thing: we would be really interested in gtk+-2.10. Any idea when
this will be out?


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Subject: Re: Failed building GTK with the DFB backend

karuna karan wrote:
> Hi all,
> I tried to build gtk 2.9.1 with directFB backend with following
> dependencies,

DFB support in was broken: you should try 2.9.4 or follow instructions
in the wiki page to build from sratch.
If you're a debian user, you can also use precompiled i386 official
packages that were built this week <-cairodfb <-gtkdfb


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