Gtk+.framework snapshot

Hi guys

Well I wasn't that happy with the result I got from the mono scripts so I pretty much rewrote them. I now install everything into one framework. I still don't have libtiff and jpeg support though. How is the best way to make the gtk configure look for libtiff 3.8.2? I saw that it looks for 3.4. Do I have to patch configure?

Anyway, who's interested can give my installer a try. It installs the framework into /Library/Frameworks and Gtk-Demo into /Applications. I managed to compile one of my small apps by setting PKG_CONFIG_PATH to /Library/Frameworks/Gtk+.framework/Libraries/pkgconfig/ and ./configure, make.

To make an application bundles I use this script:

The Installer you can download here:

Why to not use the already built Frameworks used by Scribus ?
Instead of having many times the same things, it is present once and used by anyone.

The problem with OpenSource is that everyone makes his cooking in his place without never taking consideration in the work others has already done. It could save time, also use less space on the drive, and so save room.

ome support libraries, which should be moved to /Library/Frameworks :


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