Re: Evince preview mode

On 6/7/06, Carlos Garcia Campos <carlosgc gnome org> wrote:

hmm, when the user selects preview from the print dialog, the dialog
disappears and evince is launched, so that if evince has a print button
we should print the document directly without showing the print dialog
again. I see several problems in this approach. First of all we can't
know the print settings selected by the user from evince. And, should we
close evince or keep it opened after clicking on print? Is it possible
to print  a pdf file with the new gtk+ api without showing any dialog?

Sure, figuring out the best way to transfer the print settings to evince
is part of this. And yes, printing preformatted pdf is supported.

I think it's very confused. The best solution would be not to hide the
dialog when the previewer is launched, so that once the user is happy
with the results showed in evince, he simply clicks on print button.

Apple does it too, so it can't be all bad...


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