Default timeouts

In gtksettings.c we have


for the "gtk-timeout-initial" and "gtk-timeout-repeat" settings,
respectively.  This means we wait for a fifth of a second before we
start repeating, but then we try to repeat 50 times per second.

Isn't the repeat timeout way too short?  This is why clicking on a
calendar arrow takes you back tens of months in no time, and also makes
it hard to use spin buttons.

Also, Michael Meeks has the following words of wisdom in a Novell bug
about the calendar in gnome-panel's clock:

> In essence the timeout is way too short for switching days; also -
> in the panel applet the timeout has a higher priority than the 
> queued resize of the display (and hence the redraw) - so in 
> essence we skip days even faster since we never have to render
> them.
> Lowering the priority there, and lengthening the timeouts gives
> a far more reasonable, usable experience without getting rid
> of the whole auto-repeat principle [...]

I.e. instead of using g_timeout_add() in gtkcalendar, we would use
g_timeout_add_full (G_PRIORITY_DEFAULT_IDLE, ...), or perhaps
(GDK_PRIORITY_REDRAW + positive_constant): both are lower priority than


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