Re: GTK+ >> Cocoa Native Port

On Mon, 2006-06-05 at 10:52 -0400, Dominic Lachowicz wrote:
> > I think that drawable is a GdkPixmap structure, so I cant do GDK_PIXBUF
> > (drawable), but is there a function to get the pixbuf from a pixmap ?
> You might want to look at gdk_pixbuf_get_from_drawable().

Not going to help here, I think .. copy_to_image() is the backend
function used to implement gdk_pixbuf_get_from_drawable(). :-)

This is the point in the code where you need to figure out how to copy
pixels from a native drawable into an image buffer, which is going
to involve native graphics system calls.

If you can find docs on how to take a screenshot of a window in OS X,
that will be similar code to what is needed here.


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