Re: GtkTextView and GtkSourceView

Matej Urbas wrote:
> Hi
> I'm working on MonoDevelop (specifically code completion) where we use
> GtkSourceView.
> I want to extend MonoDevelop's source editor with various features and I
> will add them either through Mono or help you adding them to GtkTextView
> (or. GtkSourceView) directly (if you plan to extend either of those
> widgets with the features we desire).
> I would be extremely thankful if you help me with the following
> questions:
> The obvious:
> 1. Are you planning to add code folding to either GtkTextView or
> GtkSourceView? If so, how can I help - whom do I have to contact (those
> involved in TextView, SourceView or both)?

This is definately planned for gtksourceview 2.0, along with the new
highlighting engine being worked on by muntyan for SoC.

You can also find a "folding" branch in gtksouceview 1., but iirc it's
not really functionnal (missing informations on where to fold, etc.)

GtkSourceView is maintained by Paolo Maggi, and you can find him and
related people on #gedit on

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