Help in debugging the DirectFB backend


While running gtk applications with the dfb backend i often (but not always) run into a crash that is not reproducible at all with X and hence i think it should be related to cairo-dfb or gdk-dfb. I'm usually able to reproduce it by running the gtk-demo app, opening the hypertext application and closing it with meta-c. At the third gtk_text_layout_set_buffer() call after the window is told to close, buffer is received valid, but when g_return_if_fail (GTK_IS_TEXT_LAYOUT (layout)) is executed (line 289), control goes back to line 288 (and buffer is still ok), then line 289 is executed again and buffer is now null, causing a crash later. I think cairodfb or gdkdfb must previously have corrupted memory somewhere, but i can't detect when nor where: can anyone reproduce this or give me an hint about how to catch it?




285 void
286 gtk_text_layout_set_buffer (GtkTextLayout *layout,
287                             GtkTextBuffer *buffer)
288 {
289   g_return_if_fail (GTK_IS_TEXT_LAYOUT (layout));

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