Re: gtk+ 2.10.1 + directfb build fails

Jeremy Laine wrote:
When trying to compile gtk+ 2.10.1 with the DirectFB backend, I ran into the following compilation error:

gdkwindow-directfb.c: In function `_gdk_directfb_move_resize_child':
gdkwindow-directfb.c:1303: error: structure has no member named `GetPosition'

The problematic code is:

  //FIXEME should this really happen ?
  if( impl->drawable.surface )

Without this piece of code, I can compile just fine.

I saw there was a previous thread on this mailing list reporting a similar error but the last message seemed to imply the problem had been fixed before the 2.10 release. What's the status here?

To compile latest GTK+ from CVS using the DFB backend, you'll need DFB from CVS (currently 0.9.26), as GetPosition and other functions were introduced in DFB after DFB 0.9.25 was released. To build GTKDFB, please follow the detailed instructions reported in the GTKDFB howto page [1] i updated yesterday.



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