Re: [PATCH] 2.8.17 block cursor


> attached you find a patch that adds block cursor support to 2.8.17.
> It seems in the summer I cannot see the "I" cursor at all (too bright
> environment). I could have closed the curtain, but where would have been the
> challenge in that? ;)
> I found "cursor_aspect_ratio", which almost does what I want. The problems
> are:
> - the cursor is "between" characters and covers half of each character to
> each side
> - the cursor does not adjust to differing character widths
> So use the attached patch and add:
> - "GtkWidget::block_cursor" style property
> to your theme
> and you are set, having a old-style block cursor :)
> Maybe it's useful for someone.

This should be mandatory for any editor indicating insert/overwrite
mode, no?

Thanks for all the (sleeping) penguins.

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