Re: Treeview Undo

Douglas A Wolfe wrote:
Hi Yall!

Hi Douglas,
    I am confused a bit... are you working on some generic undo
capabilies built into the treeview widget ? (doesnt make sence
to me).

My guess is that you are writing an application that should have
undo/redo ... and some treeview.

For the record, this list is reserved for discussions about developing
the gtk+ toolkit itself, questions about writing your gtk+ application
should be asked on gtk-app-devel-list gnome org
I am trying to create an undo function for a treeview and I am having
a lot of trouble figuring out how to make it work.

I was wondering if anybody new of an open source project that used an
undo for a treeview or if you have some code that I could use to get
me headed in the right direction.

    My opinion on this matter is that mixing the treeview and undo/redo
logic is a confusing flaw, you need an infrastructure to undo/redo some
actions that the user has performed on the dataset that your particular
application is supposed to manage, when these actions are executed/reversed
(undo/redo), then your treemodel should be updated so that the user
sees the up-to-date data.


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