Re: EggRegex

Marco Barisione wrote:
> Hi,
> GtkSourceView 2 will have a new syntax highlighting engine that will 
> require a more powerful and fast regular expression library. This is why 
> I worked on EggRegex (a wrapper library around PCRE) to correct bugs and 
> to add new features.


> So my question is: what should be the future of EggRegex?
> If it will not be included in glib what do you think about having a 
> separate libgregex?
> If it will be a separate library can I use the name GRegex or should I 
> choose another name without using the G namespace?
The thing is that Regexp seems to be a requirement in term of features
for a library like glib. Qt has it. For Python and Perl, it is built
into the language, etc.
So basically, not having a regexp in glib is really something missing
for todays programmers. Yes, pcre is not small. Maybe having it as a
sub-library of glib, but part of the main package.

Just my $.02


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