Re: GTK+ modularization


Mike Emmel wrote:
> Hmm I'm not sure what to say I don't think that the nature of emedded programing
> is comming through our its needs.

i think its a matter of defining "embedded programming".

> Generally your running a small set of custom apps if you provide a
> public api (rare)
> Someone targeting the device will port to it.
> If you have the luxury of tons of space then run full gtk.
> If not a minimal base set that at least get gtk in the picture followed
> by domain specific standardization is what you want.
> Look at J2ME for a lot of good concepts they use device profiles.

I think this "classical" embedded use is not what GTK is useful for. That would
be a task for a different approach.

> Its not the desktop world. Basically if you want gtk to become useful on
> embedded platform you need to shoot for a total lib footprint of 1-2
> megs for the base
> system.

This really depends - today even cheaper cellphones are powerful enough to make
use of full GTK. In fact with GTK > 2.6 its usually a little bit hard to live
with 32mb of RAM. For less powerful devices there are separate projects that
might be more useful and its really hard to fulfill the needs of a such big
variety of target devices with a single toolkit.
It might be worth to think about having a "micro-gtk" for devices with really
low resources. For upstream GTK i suppose it would be sufficient that the
external dependencies don't grow that much and you can live with a limited
amount of RAM.



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