Re: GNOME CVS: gtk+ matthiasc

On 1/25/06, Brian J. Tarricone <bjt23 cornell edu> wrote:
> > 1. Make GTK+ depend on GConf
> >    PROS: Makes this (and a lot of other similar problems) very easy
> >    CONS: Doesn't work with OSX/Windows; likely to be very controversial
> Please don't consider this approach.  There are many users of GTK who do
> not need a large configuration backend, or who use different
> configuration mechanisms (like us over at Xfce, for example).

I think this was listed just for completeness.

> If it's notably better that GTK itself stores these settings, then why
> not use a simple keyfile in the user's home directory?  It seems to work
> fine for ~/.gtk-bookmarks.  Someone else in the thread mentioned this
> would be "very 1991", but what's wrong with that?  Complexity != better.

But "yet another dotfile" is not the answer. We don't need another storage
for config options, just a simple (read-only) interface that allows us to hook
up to existing configuration systems.


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