Re: GNOME CVS: gtk+ matthiasc

Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
1. Make GTK+ depend on GConf
  PROS: Makes this (and a lot of other similar problems) very easy
  CONS: Doesn't work with OSX/Windows; likely to be very controversial

AFAIK, GConf pretty much works on win32; but it's the dependencies that
it brings along that are very controversial.  Making GTK depend on ORBit
and libxml2 would also be a killer for embedded environments.

I wouldn't want to see GConf become a requirement for gtk on win32 or on
other platforms for that matter.  For this specific need, maybe all that
is needed is a way to register a global default function to open a url with the default implementation on win32 using the win32 api (which I think is a single call) and on linux/unix to use GConf if it is available.


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