FOSDEM: Call for Talks for the Gnome Dev Room

Want to have fun in Brussels?

Here is a reminder, we are still looking for people to give talks in the
gnome devroom during FOSDEM.

You are a hacker and you are going to FOSDEM ? So you surely want to
present the project you are hacking on to the world, to convince fellow
hackers that your stuff is really cool, and that they should help you.
You are not a hacker, but a translator, a bug triager, ... who is
coming? Then you sure want to give a talk about what you are doing, and
to describe how other people can help you, the more hands, the better,
right ?

So don't be shy, anyone can give a talk, it's easy, and it's a very
rewarding experience. Now, all you have to do is to send me an email,
and to tell me what you are talking about. And you have to do it
quickly, otherwise you may not be able to get a timeslot because of a
fully booked schedule.

Don't miss this opportunity of giving a talk in our devroom, but don't
forget that I must have your proposition before Sunday, January 29th.



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