Re: Glib 2.10 / Pango 1.? for GNOME 2.14?

On 1/18/06, Federico Mena Quintero <federico ximian com> wrote:
> Sorry that I dropped the ball on this, and haven't followed all the
> discussion.
> Other than Pango optimizations and and GSlice in Glib, is there a
> compelling reason to use the new Glib/Pango in GNOME 2.14?

?? It was proposed in mid-November with no objections, so your
question seems a little bit backwards to me.  There's no point in not
using the new stuff, unless you know of a critical reason to reverse
the decision and use the older Glib/Pango.  Perhaps that's what you
meant and was your purpose?  Sorry, I'm just a little confused, that's

(Also, the question confuses me; it sounds like "Other than all the
improvements in new Glib and Pango, is there any reason to use them?" 
But admittedly I haven't watched them that closely and maybe there are
other major improvements I'm not aware of)

> - Are there any apps using the new Glib APIs now?

Yes.  For example gedit in the 2.13.5 release smoketesting wouldn't
work without glib 2.9.3; so 2.9.3 got into the release despite getting
out a little late.

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