Re: Sinkability considered harmful

On Fri, 6 Jan 2006, Bill Haneman wrote:


API freeze for GNOME 2.14 is approaching quickly.  Can we please back
out GObject floating references soon?


no, there really is no point in that. even if we were to do that, we
couldn't hold off floating references for non-GtkObjects but GObjects
anyway. the results would just be more diverse/spread-out, produce
more special cases for code dealing with object creation and possibly
be buggy.
i.e. it'd cause many people more learning/care taking work, and is more
likely to cause further pain due to an increased likelyness for bugs and
inconsistencies. i think that's a strong argument towards allowing the
unification of floating/sink functionality in GObject.

This sounds like a "momentum" argument, and as such I think it's not a strong one.

this is not THE argument for supporting flating references in GObject,
there's plenty of other argumentation on this thread to support hits.
i have even worded the above hypothetically. it's just argumentation
showing that federicos call:

That is why
I advocate keeping floating references in GtkObject and GtkWidget as a
historical artifact, rather than as recommended practices.

isn't even theoretically possible. simply a point i considered worth raising.



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