Can I have GTK+ running on X without a libX11 dependency

I want to use xcb as the GDK backend , so I download the gtkxcb source
code from and build gtkxcb ,
  ./configure --with-gdktarget=x11-xcb  --with-xcb
then I get .
but I find libgdk-x11-xcb still denpends on libX11.

root yang:/Helium/host/lib# ldd | grep
libX => /Helium/host/lib/ (0xb7eb6000) => /Helium/host/lib/ (0xb7dce000) => /Helium/host/lib/ (0xb7da7000) => /Helium/host/lib/ (0xb7da4000) => /Helium/host/lib/ (0xb7d4d000) => /Helium/host/lib/ (0xb7cba000) => /Helium/host/lib/ (0xb7cb3000) => /Helium/host/lib/ (0xb7b57000)

How can I build gtk on xcb only , not depends on libX11 ?
thanks .

 <jianjuny mobilesoft com cn>

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