Re: Epoll in Glib

On Mon, 2006-12-18 at 00:04 -0500, mark mark mielke cc wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 18, 2006 at 03:17:23AM +0000, aaaaa hhhhh wrote:
> > i like to use my gui for everything i can, and for small network
> > apps. GTK/GLIB is currently lacking epoll, it currently only uses
> > poll. Epoll would be a great addition as most new network
> > applications use it. It would be great to have this and if the
> > computer doesnt have epoll supported revert back to using poll. If
> > someone could do this that would be great. a very nice new feature.
> I've found myself wondering whether epoll is worth it for most
> applications. Unless you have thousands of file descriptors that are
> monitoring, what would be nice about using a non-portable feature in a
> portable library?
> I assume the GDK/GTK input loop could be modified to support epoll.
> I find myself doubting that the change would be worth it...

Its certainly not gonna help for the majority of GUI applications using
Gtk+. However, it could possibly help apps using glib as the mainloop
for e.g. network apps (such as the original poster in this thread), and
I doubt it would hurt for the GUI case.

So, the question of worth is entierly dependent on what the person
interested in implementing this thinks its worth. Maybe he thinks its a
fun thing to do, maybe he needs it for his network app.

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