Gtk+2 over Mac OS X

Hey all,

i do apologize if i'm not on the right mailing-list, in that case, if u know, please redirect me.

this week-end i've downloaded a GTK+2 ToolKit from <>

woever, the reason why i'm posting, build failes at the stage :

"Making all in help"

here is part of the error message :

/bin/sh: line 1: no: command not found
make(2) : *** [es/gossip.xml] Error 127
make(1) : *** [all-recursive]   Error 1
make: *** [all] Error 2

as far as i understood well this message, it isn't much important because it's linked to help files first abd second to spanish translation (the es/ ???)
i'm not a spanish readerthen...

am I right ?

what could i do because i think this error message prevent gtk to be installed properly ?

i've saved the last build line into a file ; <http://www.yvon-> (BEWARE nearly 1 MB)

the goal/steps i have assign to myself :

- 1 - have GTK+2 toolKit working on Mac OS X the latest ;
- 2 - build a small app like "Hello World !" ;
- 3 - build a prototype of what i have to design but only the UI "frontage" whithout any logic behing it ; - 4 - separately adapt a known Gtk/Gnome app "Sylpheed" to MacOS X native Gtk ;
- 5 - endless list...

notice i'm still on track 1...



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