Re: Glade bindings framework

German Diago Gomez wrote:

Hello. I'm doing a project in gtkmm and c++. I looked at the glade
homepage and one of the new features is a bindings framework. I've been
trying how to create catalogs from my own c++ widgets (gtkmm) and it's
not easy because glade has been thought for C. I'd like to know if that feature (the bindings framework) is something
similar to what I'm looking for or not, and if it is, how I could take
advantage of it. Thanks in advance.

Hi German,
   In the future you should ask glade related questions to
glade-devel ximian com
   The bindings framework in the development version
of glade is indeed what you are looking for, I cannot at this
time say if a C++ binding will be available for glade 3.2,
but some people have shown an interest in writing one.


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