Re: Need help with gtkprint issues

Dr. Michael J. Chudobiak wrote:

I'm trying to migrate gThumb from libgnomeprint to gtkprint, and a mostly-working patch exists.

The big problem is that the images are being rendered at 72 dpi, when printing to PDF, PS, or a real printer, which is really ugly.
I was about to write a letter with the same topic. The issue I
have is related but different. I am implementing print preview,
everything is fine except one thing: I can't achieve WYSIWYG,
namely I can't get the same number of lines of text on one page
in preview and on printout, which makes print preview pretty
much senseless.

The problem is that output somehow depends on resolution,
and resolution of screen surface (or whatever widgets have),
of PDF, and of real printer are different. The bug about this
is .
I have this problem with preview only on win32 since I don't
have a real printer to test with linux (I only have some Canon
Win32 Only). Now, if what Michael Chudobiak says is correct,
then my problem doesn't exist on unix, yet.

I'd greatly appreciate any help on this, since gtk-win32 simply
doesn't have print preview at all.

Best regards,

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