Re: has anyone valgrind'd gtk?

On Wed, 2006-12-06 at 22:00 +0800, gtk amnesia accessgate com sg wrote:

> I've tied this, and also G_DEBUG=gc-friendly
> The reality is that gtk is leaking.
> it's not just a matter of there being a pointer that wasn't cleared.
> valgrind is reporting actual malloced memory that hasn't been freed.

Nobody's disputed this (yet) - the env var suggestions should make
valgrind report even more leaks :)

> ==9422== LEAK SUMMARY:
> ==9422==    definitely lost: 5,318 bytes in 35 blocks.
> ==9422==    indirectly lost: 8,760 bytes in 432 blocks.
> ==9422==      possibly lost: 800 bytes in 20 blocks.
> ==9422==    still reachable: 2,065,986 bytes in 21,540 blocks.

Something is definitely leaking. As Sven points out, it might just be
your test case, but we can't be sure until we have all the details.

> I'm going to start tracking some of these down.

That would be awesome. Thank you! Places where GTK+ apps are "just using
too much memory" at run-time are interesting too.

> My REAL QUESTION(s) are who do I report fixes to? (quickly backed up by: if I
> need help understanding what's going on, and specifically, why something isn't
> being freed in the first place, who do i ask) ?

Reporting fixes is best done in .

You can ask for help here, or if you just need a few pointers, you could
try the #gtk+ IRC channel at

Hans Petter

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