Re: Plans for gnome-vfs replacement


Sorry for replying to ancient mail.

> For example, we could be to use "//.network/" as a prefix for the vfs
> filename namespace. A smb share might then be accessed as
> "//.network/smb/computer:share/dir/file.txt", or a ftp share as
> "//.network/ftp/alex ftp gnome org/dir/file.txt". With a setup like
> "//.network/$method/$mount_object/" it would be quite easy to find the
> process handling the mount. Just ask for a dbus named object like
> "". It is also very easy to detect
> local filenames and short-circuit to in-process i/o.

You don't want to use notation above -- because someone will try ls
//.network, or worse ls //.network/ftp .

Midnight commander grew solution for this (similar to your
/:ftp:...)... it is /#ftp:pavel gnome org/foo/bar . It can nicely
handle tar (and similar) archives, like
/#ftp:pavel gnome org/foo/bar.tar#utar/x.c . avfs used that notation at
some point too (still does?). Please consider using it, too.

Thanks for all the (sleeping) penguins.

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